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It’s a shame this magazine – or something much like it – is no longer around. If you’re a kid and a toy you bought doesn’t work as promised, or it turns out the best parts were sold separately, you don’t have much recourse. You might complain to your parents, but they’re likely to point […]

Culture Jamming

Ask the Accused

This ad from Toyota made me laugh. Makes sense, right? If you really want to know the truth of whatever happened, ask the accused. Just ask them. I’m sure they’ll be completely frank with you. A good idea like this should be used more often. As in, “Did you rob the bank, sir?” No? Okay! […]

Is a Videotaped Petition Any More Effective Than a Petition?

  Look, this video is charming and all – I love Baratunde Thurston and having comedians do this sort of thing is an innovative change of pace and definitely entertaining. But please don’t tell me that a paltry 20,000 signature petition has CNBC shaking in its boots – even if you did actually, you know, […]