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Apple Cash

The amount of cash that Apple has on hand – about $100 billion – has led to pressure that it “do something” with it. This pressure has come from shareholders, and the media, in covering this clamor, has added to it. The result? Apple has said it will use its cash to start paying a […]

Ikea Illegal

The BBC Reports: A French newspaper has claimed that Swedish furniture giant Ikea paid for illegal access to police files on its staff and customers. The weekly Le Canard Enchaine published what it said were emails where Ikea managers asked police for information. More than 200 checks on criminal records and vehicle registrations were asked […]

Corporate Money Everywhere

Did you hear the news? Volkswagen made a nifty profit of $21.2 billion last year. Meanwhile Apple is sitting on $98 billion worth of cash and doesn’t know what to do with it all.

Apple Factories

If Apple – one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world – were genuinely interested in uncovering and eliminating abuses of working conditions in its overseas factories, it would have selected the WRC to inspect its factories, rather than the FLA. This New York Times article, in its “balanced” way, only begins […]