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Indian Corruption

The latest scandal is a loss of a fifth of a trillion dollars ($210 bn) as a conservative estimate.

US Medal of Honor marine Dakota Meyer sues BAE Systems

That’s the headline for this BBC story, which discusses how Sgt Dakota Meyer, 23, is suing BAE for defamation for comments made after he was critical of planned sales of advanced sniper scopes to Pakistan. He was awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest US military accolade, for saving 36 lives in Afghanistan. Sgt Meyer […]

DCCC <3 Corporate Lobbyists

From Roll Call: Facing a tough political cycle, the DCCC is redoubling its efforts to enlist K Streeters to help its most vulnerable “Frontline” program Members with fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy. The ask was formalized Wednesday evening at a dinner at Acqua Al 2, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill, organized by Jennifer Crider, […]

Environmental Org Failure

Once again I’m going to break internet protocol by quoting a posting in its entirety. But you can read the whole thing here, and follow the links to more information. Johann Hari, a columnist for the London Independent,  was on Democracy Now! this week, to discuss his new article at The Nation, focusing on why […]

NRDC Sellout

It’s actually rather astonishing for a seasoned observer like me to watch. Even a cynic like me can be surprised at the way the environmental movement – which has made stopping climate change their cause celeb – has systematically and catastrophically sold out on the issue. Last week, 10 Democrat senators wrote to President Barack […]

How Much Jail Time Do You Get For Stealing a Purse?

From the AP: WASHINGTON – The federal government has devoted $4.7 trillion to help the financial sector through its crisis, a watchdog report said Monday. Under the worst of circumstances, the report said, the government’s maximum exposure could total nearly $24 trillion, or $80,000 for every American.

Student Who Bid on Illegal Federal Auction Charged with Felony

From OpenLeft: In the waning weeks of the Bush Administration, Tim DeChristopher disrupted a lease of public lands for oil and gas exploration by bidding up prices against those who intended to drill on the lands if oil or gas was found. The leases were subsequently invalidated, because the hurried process of bringing them to […]

One of the Most Absolutely Fascinating Things I’ve Read All Year

Right here.


This corruption by NY Senate Republicans is so brazen, it’s actually kind of charming.

Support Verizon? You’re supporting Fascism – and Republicans, to boot

I dropped Verizon – mid-contract – and switched to Credo Mobile because of a little thing I like to call “not being spied on by my government“. Boy am I glad I did. Now I learn that Verizon’s fascism-loving isn’t restricted to the government in general, but to one party in particular. From the Washington […]


Remember this guy from Speed? He tried to steal money with bombs. And remember this guy from Die Hard? He tried guns. They should have tried asking Congress. It seems much more likely to succeed.