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DCCC <3 Corporate Lobbyists

From Roll Call: Facing a tough political cycle, the DCCC is redoubling its efforts to enlist K Streeters to help its most vulnerable “Frontline” program Members with fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy. The ask was formalized Wednesday evening at a dinner at Acqua Al 2, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill, organized by Jennifer Crider, […]

Demographic Change and the Democratic Party

I thought this post was fascinating. And hard to excerpt, so read the whole thing: Over the long-run, Democrats in Congress will look more like the Progressive Caucus.  Right now, the CPC is only group of Democrats in Congress who are representative of the Democratic rank and file.  At least 74.7%, or 59 of 79, […]

Angry Democrats

Matt Stoller cites the following email by a congressional lawmaker as a part of the debate currently taking place in Congress over the $700 Billion giveaway to the rich & irresponsible: Paulsen and congressional Republicans, or the few that will actually vote for this (most will be unwilling to take responsibility for the consequences of […]

Democrats Are Not the Solution, Part II

One of the reasons I love reading OpenLeft – aside from their focus on strategy and analysis, which is often lacking elsewhere but super-important – is that they’re not overenthusiastic about the prospects of an Obama presidency. While supporting Obama as a step in teh right direction, they’re yet clear-minded enough not to see him […]

Democrats Are Not the Solution

Matt Soller writes: I was at a panel last week with Governor Corzine about paid family insurance, and there were a lot of bright people in the room discussing the tactical issues involved in passing legislation to allow someone to spend 6 weeks with their newborn.  And all I could think, while Wall Street was […]