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A fascinating story from the BBC. I love their map! A few wonderful excerpts: The link between alcohol and urban decay is a common theme. In the nearby town of London, dry campaigners produced a controversial television ad contrasting their pristine, family-friendly streets with shots of graffiti-defaced buildings and abandoned shopping trolleys. The local TV […]

An Old Tree

From The New York Times: LONGWOOD, Fla. — Back, way back, before King Tut was born and Alexander the Great roamed his empire, the Senator sprouted in a swamp here in central Florida, one of thousands of its kind. So on Monday, when word got out that the huge, 3,500-year-old bald cypress had burned and […]

Marijuana Legalization

It’s strange to say, but Pat Robertson is right. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has expressed support for the legalisation of marijuana in the US, citing failure in the nation’s war on drugs.

Does Decriminalization Work?

Yes it does: “Judging by every metric, decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success,” says Glenn Greenwald, an attorney, author and fluent Portuguese speaker, who conducted the research. “It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country does.”

Mexico Nears Failed-State

Courtesy of the Digital Journal: Juárez police chief Roberto Orduña Cruz resigned Friday after the drug cartel killed six city police officers this week and threatened to kill more unless he left the force. “I cannot place my sense of duty above the lives of my officers,” said Orduña in a press conference… More than […]