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From WKYT: Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis told WKYT she will no longer issue marriage licenses to any couples. Her decision follows a ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on Friday, declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. She told WKYT that “It is my deep conviction and belief that God […]

Smart Thinking

Rod Dreher, the senior editor of the American Conservative, gives an unusually clear-eyed view of the future of gay marriage in the United States. Despite being a stalwart opponent, he foresees the inevitability of the struggle for gay marriage in the United States. So do I. The crux of his reflection is this: Yes, I […]


I disagree with those who feel that same-sex marriage should be illegal. They are wrong morally, and will be viewed as such in the eyes of history. That said, they have the right to argue their case however they see fit. Although if I can offer some friendly advice, I think they could probably do […]

Same Sex Marriage

An interesting graph of public polling on the issue over time: Years from now, people will look back on us and shake their heads, amazed that people were barred by the force of law from marrying people of the same gender, in the same backwards way that the law was once used to prevent marriage […]

Santorum on Gay Marriage

After reading repeatedly about how Santorum’s defense of his views on gay marriage in front of a crowd of college students was ridiculous, and how he was ignominiously booed off the stage, I decided that I wanted to see this for myself. It’s a good thing that I did, because (a) his defense of his […]

Gay Marriage

You’ve heard about Iowa. You’ve heard about Vermont. But have you heard about this? The Washington Post reports that the DC Council approved a bill today recognizing same sex marriages from other states. Council member Jim Graham said “I hope this city recognizes this is a human rights struggle.” This is a question of equality […]

Newsweek on the Bible & Gay Marriage

Newsweek recently published a story that’s been crying out to be written for a long time – an examination of what the Bible really says about gay marriage, as opposed to what various Christian clerics say it says about it. Here’s a representative passage: If the bible doesn’t give abundant examples of traditional marriage, then […]