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Tag: gay rights

$10 Million

This ignorance and homophobia is sad: It seems that Neil Clark Warren, the Christian co-founder of eHarmony, is “tired” of the marriage equality debate and wants to move past all the talk—not to mention the discrimination lawsuits against his company—and just accept that gay people will continue to sin and there’s nothing he can do […]

Boy Scouts

From the BBC: The Boys Scouts of America has said it may overturn its ban on gay members and leaders, and allow local units to choose their own policies on the issue. The policy reversal could come once the national board meets next week. Only last year, the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) reaffirmed its […]

Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America will not change its policy of excluding gay scouts and scout leaders, following a secret two-year review, the group says. Well, okay. If someone wants to tattoo “I’m an asshole” on their forehead, I guess that’s their business. It seems pretty stupid though, and in time, they’ll probably wish they […]

Kicked Out Of School for Being Gay

This is courtesy of the Advocate: According to KWTV News, 18-year-old Melissa McKenzie said she was kicked out of Del City High School in Del City, Okla., at the beginning of the semester when the principal found out she was living with her girlfriend instead of her family. The principal then told her if she […]