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Tag: Global Warming

Island Disappears

Why does this scare me? NEW DELHI (AP) – For nearly 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued over control of a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal. Now rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them: the island’s gone. New Moore Island, in the Sunderbans, has been completely submerged, said oceanographer […]

NRDC Sellout

It’s actually rather astonishing for a seasoned observer like me to watch. Even a cynic like me can be surprised at the way the environmental movement – which has made stopping climate change their cause celeb – has systematically and catastrophically sold out on the issue. Last week, 10 Democrat senators wrote to President Barack […]

How to Play Hardball

I really like Chris Bowers’ strategic thinking in this instance. Just for the purposes of backstory, Collin Peterson is the Chairman of the Agriculture committee, (Democrat, therefore) and he’s using his position to water down global warming legislation (though why it has to go through his committee, I don’t know). Here’s a bit more backstory… […]

Tree Deaths

For those of you interested in the increasing rate of tree deaths, caused by Global Warming.