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Among the many news stories covered by the BBC this week, two were striking because of the analysis offered by BBC correspondents. First, the UK’s conservative-party Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced a plan to inject £40bn in infrastructure investments into the UK economy to stimulate growth. These are not grants – these are […]


I thought the controversy surrounding the Komen foundation and Planned Parenthood was fascinating in many ways. Abortions are legal, and I believe they should be. Planned Parenthood is a large abortion provider, which also receives extensive funding from the government and foundations to provide other forms of health care for women. This gives abortion opponents […]

Union Wars

Amazing…read the whole article for the rest of the gory details: After an 18-month battle that began with SEIU believing it could affect a hostile takeover of its once close union ally, the two unions reached a settlement yesterday almost entirely on UNITE HERE’s terms. SEIU’s raids on UNITE HERE split the labor movement just […]

Recording Industry Thieves

A lot of this I already knew – I read the Courtney Love article a long time back – but it’s interesting to see the discussion revived again. Click through to read the whole post. So, back to our original example of the average musician only earning $23.40 for every $1,000 sold. That money has […]

ACORN is dead

…and I’m sad. This is a major victory for the people who hate the poor. From Reuters: The liberal grass-roots group ACORN will formally disband on April 1 due to falling revenues, as its state chapters reorganize, the group said on Monday. … ACORN’s board on Sunday formally closed the remaining affiliates to secure their […]

Environmental Org Failure

Once again I’m going to break internet protocol by quoting a posting in its entirety. But you can read the whole thing here, and follow the links to more information. Johann Hari, a columnist for the London Independent,  was on Democracy Now! this week, to discuss his new article at The Nation, focusing on why […]

NRDC Sellout

It’s actually rather astonishing for a seasoned observer like me to watch. Even a cynic like me can be surprised at the way the environmental movement – which has made stopping climate change their cause celeb – has systematically and catastrophically sold out on the issue. Last week, 10 Democrat senators wrote to President Barack […]

League of Conservation Voters is anti-environment, Part II

Matt Stoller went through LCV’s environmental scorecard to answer the simple question of whether LCV is unfairly endorsing Republicans that don’t measure up, according to their own scorecard. The conclusion? Still, I wanted to look at something slightly different, which is whether according to their own criteria the League of Conservation voters is fair to Democrats. […]

League of Conservation Voters is anti-environment

Matt Stoller: One of my consistent themes on OpenLeft has been the tendency of progressive advocacy groups to help Republican candidates or conservative Democratic candidates when there’s an alternative in the race.  There are many reasons why they do this, and today it happened again.  Kate Sheppard has a piece on the League of Conservation […]