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It’s a shame this magazine – or something much like it – is no longer around. If you’re a kid and a toy you bought doesn’t work as promised, or it turns out the best parts were sold separately, you don’t have much recourse. You might complain to your parents, but they’re likely to point […]


Forgive me, but this is another example of the laziness of the media, and it continues to irk me. Kismayo was vital to al-Shabab. It was through the port that the militants, who have sworn their allegiance to al-Qaeda, imported their arms and ammunition. (emphasis added) This is a commentary being offered by the BBC’s […]


Greenwald is great, as usual: This steadfast devotion to the political glorification of the Democratic party leader, at the expense of any pretense of journalism, has been evident at MSNBC for quite some time. Most remarkably: last July, 60 Minutes reported that Al Sharpton “has decided not to criticize the president about anything” – a vow that should […]


First question: If Fareed Zakaria were white, and had some obviously less-foreign name like “John King” would his ill-informed bloviations ever have become so prominent in the media? Okay, bad example. Still, it’s been interesting to see Zakaria pilloried for such a stupid and avoidable mistake, when the real damage he’s done to the public […]


Among the many news stories covered by the BBC this week, two were striking because of the analysis offered by BBC correspondents. First, the UK’s conservative-party Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced a plan to inject £40bn in infrastructure investments into the UK economy to stimulate growth. These are not grants – these are […]


For some time, the commentary on American politics by Mark Mardell has been jarring in its unusual combination of willful bias and lazy ignorance. This is unfortunate, as his reflections play an important role in characterizing American politics for Britain and the world. His forlorn commentary on the departure of Pat Buchanan from MSNBC is […]

Harper Government Muzzling Media

A very interesting story from the BBC: The allegation of “muzzling” came up at a session of the AAAS meeting to discuss the impact of a media protocol introduced by the Conservative government shortly after it was elected in 2008. The protocol requires that all interview requests for scientists employed by the government must first […]

Occupy Cable News

One of the impacts of the Occupy movement has been a shifting of the political dialogue and discourse in this country – much needed, and much appreciated. This change is illustrated in the following graphs from Think Progress, which I found interesting: During the last week of July, economic discussion on cable news looked like […]


From the BBC: The split between Fatah and Hamas occurred when violence erupted a year after Hamas won Palestinian elections in 2006. Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007. Again with this. Seriously, this is annoying. Hamas won the elections; they didn’t seize control of anything. It is Fatah that illegally seized control of the […]

The Death of the Media?

I think that the current crisis the media is undergoing is terrible for democracy. The loss of financial viability for the media establishment means that lots of news simply won’t be covered, because in many places, there’s no one else to cover it. The fact that their loss of viability is partially their own fault […]

Al Gore

An interesting quote from his book, “The Assault on Reason” When I first ran for Congress in 1976, I never took a poll during the entire campaign. Eight years later, however, when I ran statewide for the U.S. Senate, I did take polls and like most statewide candidates relied more heavily on electronic advertising to […]

Newspapers Without Profits

The future of the newspaper business model may be very different.

Cougars in Michigan

And the state conspiracy to keep it quiet.

Why Newspapers Are Dying

I found this list of reasons why newspapers are unlikely to innovate and therefore be able to face the challenges of new media in the next century truly fascinating. It reminds me a lot of the institutional inertia and inability to innovate that I’ve seen elsewhere firsthand in the progressive world, and I think this […]

Run Your Own Paid Media Campaign Against McCain for $1/Day

Or $10, or whatever you want. No joke.