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From the BBC: Last year, a story about George VI, the central character in the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech, began circulating on the internet, alleging the wartime monarch had Nazi sympathies. Although it did not involve the film directly, The Telegraph reported that the campaign had been launched to affect the film’s chances, which has […]

Christian Films

In recent years there has been a growing number of well-written, professionally-produced films with explicitly Christian messages and values; movies intended to promote those values as much as (if not more than) to make a profit. And I’m sure they do make a profit; I doubt there’s much that Hollywood makes that a committed Christian […]

Oprah Winfrey is…

God, apparently. The star, who attends the US premiere of Precious in Los Angeles next week, added that Winfrey’s involvement in the movie as executive producer is “very important”. “She is all-knowing and all powerful and has such a huge following. When she says jump, they jump.” Not that I’m against Oprah or anything. But, […]


Remember this guy from Speed? He tried to steal money with bombs. And remember this guy from Die Hard? He tried guns. They should have tried asking Congress. It seems much more likely to succeed.

Wanna Be Treated Like a Criminal?

All you have to do is stand upright in the United States: Shia Labeouf was in for a scare when he started filming new action thriller Eagle Eye – because CIA operatives gave him a taste of what they have on file about him. The actor thought the film, in which he plays a man […]