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Top Five Consequences of Arab Democratization

I’ve been fascinated with the protests in the Arab world. I think it’s one of the most important and dramatic events likely to take place in the world for a decade, with multiple long-term repercussions that I foresee. 1. Terrorism Will Decline Terrorism is fueled, in part, by the frustration that many Arabs have with […]

Movements Rock the Arab World

I started to put together a synopsis of the protests taking place across the Arab world, only to find that Wikipedia had beaten me to it. Nevertheless I’m putting up my own map and summary of where things stand. Red: Governments Overthrown Tunisia and Egypt thus far. Orange: Significant Governmental Change Jordan is ruled by […]

The Potential of Social Media is Still Being Discovered

As this proposal shows: The OpenRedistricting Project has two separate, but interdependent, components. The development of user-friendly, free redistricting software is a necessary step for bringing ordinary citizens into the process. Once that is completed, a social networking site dedicated to monitoring the 2010 redistricting cycle should be created. With these new platforms, the netroots […]