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Putting Out Fire With Sound

This is so cool: With water, powder, foam and chemicals, there are already many means of dousing a flame, so it may be hard to imagine what sense it makes to add a new one. But putting out a blaze usually leaves behind a big mess — chemical residue in every cranny, or gushing water […]

Discrimination by Any Other Name…

I love this video about Indiana’s new Freedom of Religion/Freedom to Discriminate law:

Watch an Elephant Paint An Elephant


Solar Roadways


1000 Years of European Borders

The music doesn’t do much for me, but this is still amazing to watch.

Abortions to Women Who Aren’t Pregnant

According to Todd Akin, this is what goes along with the ‘culture of death’, along with lack of anesthetic and cheating on taxes. It took me some time to find the complete transcript, but a video of the relevant remarks is also below. So it is no big surprise that we fight the terrorists because […]


A Great Debate

As the moderator said, so unlike – better than – those silly presidential debates.

Big Wave

Guiness says it is the largest wave ever surfed: 78 feet high.

Thoughts from a Stand-Up Economist

This is “Shit Happens: The Economics Version”

Difficult Math


Prepare for Crazy:

Octopus Walks On Land

Bad Lip Reading

“Reminds me of one dude in college who used to make goats tell time.”

Who Killed Bin Ladin?

The Daily Show skewers the debate about who really killed bin Ladin – and the Obama administration for their tepidity.

A Tornado Up Close

“What is the Internet, Anyway?”

So wonder Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric in 1994 – not that long ago. One day I’ll tell my grandchildren stories of the life that existed before the internet, and they won’t believe me.

About Dissertations

Xtranormal is a new online technology that allows anyone to make movies using animated characters and computer-generated voices. All you need is a script, and you can make a movie. It’s a cool technology and it allows people to make some cool stuff, like this: As it happens, PBS NewsHour featured some of the videos […]

The Final Scene of Se7en…With Stuffed Animals

The Obama I Wish We Had

is Rachel Maddow: