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Phylicia Rashad Defends Alleged Criminals

From the BBC: The actress who played Bill Cosby’s wife in The Cosby Show has said allegations of historical sex offences against her former co-star are part of a campaign to keep him off TV. Phylicia Rashad played Clair Huxtable on the hit 1980s and ’90s sitcom. “Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off […]

A Review of the Elliot Rodger Shootings…

…and what they mean. All but one of the mass murders in the U.S. over the last 30 years has been committed by men. The fact that gender is often omitted from the story speaks to how we still see the masculine as the irreproachable and invisible standard. As Michael Kimmel notes in his extensive research on school […]

Street Harassment

Want to stop street harassment? Stop condoning it. Being a woman (cis, trans, or otherwise) means that you grow accustomed to men and sometimes women, commenting about your body on a regular basis without provocation. When I run, there’s the occasional man that feels it’s his duty to tell me, “You go, honey. You’re gonna lose […]

Woody Allen

This is a basic principle: until it is proven otherwise, beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s important to extend the presumption of innocence to Dylan Farrow, and presume that she is not guilty of the crime of lying about what Woody Allen did to her. Read the whole thing.


A very interesting explanation of why hazing exists and is unlikely to go away. To enter such a high performing team, a person must prove their competence. Any group worth its salt will test for skill when enrolling new members. But most groups, especially elite groups, require bonds of trust and will test further. Such […]

Right-Wing Violence

The last two years have seen a dramatic upswing in right-wing violence, of which the media coverage has been fleeting and little. If you’re looking for a refresher/chronicle in bite-sized updates, this post is perfect. An example: March 21, 2010 As the U.S. House of Representatives enters a final round of debate over a controversial […]

Well Said

Thanks Stacey!

Right-Wing Terrorism

I’ve been worried about right-wing political violence for a while, because it’s been going on for a while. The Oklahoma City bombing, the Branch Davidians in Waco, Eric Rudolph and the bombings at the Atlanta Olympics – all of these were big deals. All of them, mostly, forgotten – as are the innumerable other examples […]

America: Violence is Better

Matt Stoller writes, I do not understand why pacifism and/or the avoidance of war are sneered at. He had some reason to wonder, but I’ve been wondering too. In the film The People vs. Larry Flynt one of the most striking scenes for me was the montage comparing the obscenity of sex and violence. Why […]