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Latino Voting in Texas

Demographics in Texas are such that, as many a media story has observed, Democratic and progressive candidates could be competitive right now—except that so many voters are disengaged. And they’re likely to remain disengaged and apathetic as long as no one is talking to them about why voting matters. Part of a fascinating look at […]

Voting in 2008

I thought this passage from Chris Bowers was fascinating: When the final totals are made, there will have been 26 million more votes in 2008 than 2000. That increase is in excess of 100% of the nation’s population increase during the last eight years. Overall, more than 131 million people voted, or 61.6% of the […]


With all the money and effort being spent this year to register voters, I just wanted to take a step back and ask – is this really necessary? From wikipedia: Laws requiring individual voters to register, as opposed to having the government register people automatically, have a strong correlation with lower numbers of people turning […]