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TSA reveals that body scanners are ineffective

We have all heard that the new Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machines (otherwise know as whole body imaging machines) are being placed in airports nationwide.  We don’t know how they work or for how long the images will be kept in their files, but thanks to T.S.A. Deputy Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs Sterling Payne, we do know that they don’t really work.

Payne stated that even after a passenger goes through a machine that allows T.S.A. officers to see right through their clothing, they will still screen passengers physically.  But, she did not explain what reasons the officers could have for such additional screening.

Possibly, the $573 million price of this new technology is mostly a ploy to keep the Homeland Security budget at the high level they have been lavishly enjoying the past 8+ years.  But is this worth spending this much on machines that are not as effective as the techniques they already use?

Not surprisingly, their own blog answers: “You bet it is.”

Are you willing to bet on your security as much as them?

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